• Winmind

Winmind is the legal frame owning all intellectual properties such as products and IPs, including

Fotopia Viewer

Fotopia Viewer is a document-viewing application with a user-friendly interface, multi-format document support, and convenient features, that enables documents stored on SharePoint to be viewed, edited, stamped and annotated. ... read more


Fotopia Capture

Fotopia Capture is a stand-alone Document Capture Solution (DCS), with a light and easy-to-use unique centralized suite of products, designed to improve user experience and productivity, where it is tightly integrated with SharePoint and built using state-of-the-art technology.... read more

Fotopia OCR

Fotopia Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts Arabic and English documents such as scanned papers and PDF files, as well as images into editable and searchable data by extracting and saving the contents of these documents.... read more



Zajel is an electronic correspondence system that records, tracks and manages different types of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence, as well as its ownership, facilitating the sharing of correspondence across departments, boosting search speed, security and control.... read more


Maknaz is a dictionary used for managing and creating Arabic words as well as Islamic terms with different attributes, which can be searched for via multiple options such as keywords, alphabetically, or according to the root of the word. ... read more



Chameleon is a simple platform which allows you to create your own customized website with a variety of templates for your pages, enabling your online portal to be responsive to any hand-held device, usable, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and attractive. ... read more